Sunday, August 10, 2014

Generating electricity

So the CPIT Trades LGA High Voltage Electrical class are generating electricity again this year!

The teams are (click on names for team blog hyperlinks):


Phased and Confused

Shockingly Bad

GRhys Lightning

The teams are working individually and collectively using generation sources to combine generation power and make our Enasolar grid-tied inverter feed the grid and run our classroom red phase kWh meter run backwards!

Each team has chosen a method of generation;

Hohmies: Fossil fuels (Petrol engine and Whispergen stirling engine generator)

Phased and Confused: Water (Pelton wheel generator attached to a Fisher and Paykel Smart Drive motor reconfigured as a generator) simulated using a recycling system and pump

Shockingly Bad: Solar (using Meridian Energy-supplied photovoltaic panels, 24V regulator, deep cycle batteries, and 2kW 24VDC-230VAC inverter) and Grid-tied inverter management

GRhys Lightning: Wind (using 3x horizontal shaft wind turbines purchased by CPIT)

The teams this year have decided to combine all supplies to provide 24VDC to supply the regulator and charge the 2x 12V batteries connected in series. A brainstorming session today in the V136 Learning technology room resulting in the following pic (left Grhys Lightning, centre Phased and Confused & Shockingly bad, right Hohmies):

Rob outlined for all the class his vision for the overarching electricity project.